Vanity in Mykonos

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades inaugurates an ambitious program of re-generating the Cycladic Archaeological Museums and Sites; the first act is an exhibition organized in Mykonos Archaeological Museum devoted on jewelry and called appropriately Vanity.

The exhibition presents the most representative jewels from the Cyclades in a diachronic perspective; more than 220 artefacts are included, dating from 5th millennium B.C. to 1970’s A.D. and originating from 18 different Cycladic islands (Amorgos, Andros, Despotiko, Delos, Thera/Santorini, Ios, Kea, Kimolos, Kythnos, Melos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Rheneia, Salagkos, Sifnos, Syros, Schoinousa and Tenos), most of them recent finds, never before presented to the public.

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